Morudes Sinister Beat
Morudes Sinister Beat

Two of Norway ́s most celebrated artists join forces and the result is something you do not want to miss. Amund Maarud & Lucky Lips covers a lot of musical ground, from gut wrenching guitar solos to heartbroken, soft spoken ballads and duets. Malin Pettersen from Lucky Lips has a spine tingling stage presence and is the perfect foil to Amund ́s energetic stage persona. Together they are an Americana and blues- fusion burning red hot.

Norwegian Grammy Award Winner Amund Maarud has been a driving force in the blues and rock scene for two decades and genre curiosity has become something of a trademark of his. The album «Perfect Stranger» , released late fall of 2018, has taken both listeners and the press by storm and it was hailed as one of the best albums of the year by several papers and blogs in Norway.


“The rhythm and beautifully screaming guitar hurtled out of the stage and wrapped around the delirious audience, enchaining us in awe. It was obvious that we were in the presence of something special” –

St Pauls Lifestyle after Amund ́s live UK debut in 2014.

Nashville singer-songwriter Jace Everett (Bad Things) is a co writer on several songs on the album and the rest is penned by Amund. «My goal was to make my dirty guitar live and thrive alongside the more acoustic soundscapes of Lucky Lips», says Amund. «It was also a goal to write honest songs that don ́t need to be treated through a lot of effects to work. This is plug and play, heart and soul», he says. And according to the reviews they have achieved just that, leaving a trail of standing ovation from the release tour and topping it off with a stellar performance on Norway’s number one talkshow, Lindmo at Nrk.

Lucky Lips was voted Best European Bluegrassband 2011.

Malin Pettersen is nominated for Honky Tonk Female of the Year 2018 at the Ameripolitan Awards.

Amund has recieved a Norwegian Grammy, Tono ́s Edvard award for composers, The Notodden Blues Festival ́s Blues Award and has his own star in the «Blues Walk of Fame» alongside legends such as Ry Cooder, BB King and Buddy Guy.